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The Truth About Justin Bieber Dating Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke

Ella Paige Justin Bieber Dating

New reports are suggesting that the Biebs has fully moved on from Selena Gomez after a night of fun with Ella-Paige at a Justin Timberlake concert. HollywoodLife.com found out the truth about their relationship!

For weeks, all we’d heard was that Justin Bieber was trying to get ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez to take him back, which is why news that the heartthrob attended Justin Timberlake‘s BRIT Awards after-show party concert in London on Feb. 20 with aspiring UK singer Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke shocked us! Now, we have the truth behind this newfound relationship!

A source close to Justin tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively, “Justin’s not dating her. She’s an acquaintance, a good friend of Justin’s DJ TJ James.” That would certainly explain why Justin has been spotted with Ella-Paige recently.

The Biebs & Ella-Paige: How They Met

How the two had even met one another had been a mystery for days, but a friend of Ella-Paige’s tells the The Mirror that she and the “As Long As You Love Me” singer met through mutual friends in Los Angeles! “She was introduced to Justin by a mutual friend. She is always going to LA and mixes with lots of people in the industry, which is where she met Justin,” the insider says.
The report claims that the couple are officially dating, but thanks to our source close to Justin, we now know that Justin and Ella are just friends.

Justin Bieber Punya Pacar Baru, Ella Paige Roberts Clarke

Sejak hubungan Justin Bieber dan Selena Gomez berakhir, banyak berita yang mengabarkan bahwa Justin ingin sekali balikan dengan mantan kekasihnya tersebut. Namun baru-baru ini beredar rumor bahwa pelantun Beauty And A Beat ini sudah memiliki kekasih baru bernama Ella Paige Roberts Clarke.
Ella Paige adalah seorang penyanyi asal Inggris yang baru berusia 17 tahun. Justin Bieber sendiri bisa berkenalan dengan Ella Paige karena dikenalkan oleh seorang teman di Los Angeles.
“Dia (Ella Paige) dikenalkan pada Justin lewat temannya,” ujar sebuah sumber seperti dilansir HollywoodLife. “Dia selalu pergi ke LA dan berbaur dengan orang-orang di industri (musik) itu, dimana ia akhirnya bertemu dengan Justin.”
Isu bahwa keduanya pacaran pun mencuat setelah Justin dan Ella Paige terlihat di konser Justin Timberlake pasca BRIT Awards. Justin bahkan sempat mengirim Rolls Royce untuk menjemput Ella Paige di kediamannya di London, dimana mobil tersebut kemudian membawa Ella ke hotel tempat Justin menginap selama di Inggris.
Walau rumor tentang hubungan Justin dan Ella Paige sudah beredar luas, belum bisa dipastikan apakah keduanya benar-benar berpacaran. Seorang teman Ella Paige hanya mengungkapkan bahwa saat ini Ella Paige menikmati kebersamaannya dengan mantan kekasih Selena Gomez tersebut.
“Ella tahu dia akan membuat jutaan gadis merasa cemburu,” ujarnya. “Tapi ini masih terlalu awal dan dia hanya menikmatinya dan bersenang-senang.”

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Quick Facts

  • NAME: Justin Bieber
  • OCCUPATION: Singer
  • BIRTH DATE: March 01, 1994 (Age: 18)
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Stratford, Canada
  • ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces

Best Known For

Justin Bieber is a Canadian-born pop star who was discovered via YouTube. His debut album "My World" went platinum in the U.S, Canada and the U.K.


Born March 1, 1994, in Stratford, Canada to a single mother, Justin Bieber took second place in a local talent competition but turned into a YouTube phenomenon. He signed a record contract with Usher and became the first solo artist to have four singles enter the Top 40 before the release of a debut album. His record "My World" has gone platinum in several countries. He lives and works in Atlanta.


Pop star Justin Bieber was raised by a single mom in the small town of Stratford. Bieber, whose debut album My World hit stores in November 2009, is a true overnight success, having gone from an unknown, untrained singer whose mother posted YouTube clips of her boy performing, to a budding superstar with a big-time record deal, all in just two years.
Bieber always had an interest in music. His mother gave him a drum kit for his second birthday and, as he tells it, he was "basically banging on everything I could get my hands on."
But it was an obscure talent contest in his hometown, in which the 12-year-old Bieber finished second that put him on the road to superstardom. As a way to share his singing with family, Justin and his mom began posting clips of Bieber performing covers of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Ne-Yo on YouTube.
Within months, Justin was an Internet sensation, with a large following of fans, and an eager manager arranging for the teenager to fly to Atlanta to consider a record deal. There, Bieber had a chance meeting with Usher, who eventually signed the young singer to a contract.

Career Highlights

Bieber's first single, "One Time," went certified platinum in his native Canada shortly after its release in May 2009. His album My World matched that success, selling more than 137,000 copies within a week of hitting stores. Bieber broke into the Billboard Top 10 in early 2010 with "Baby," which also featured Ludcris. Bieber soon released My World 2.0 (2010), which offered his growing fan base ten new songs.
In 2011, Bieber took to the big screen in the concert documentary Never Say Never. His fans crowded movie theaters to catch him in action on stage and get a glimpse of his life behind the scenes. The movie, which eventually earned more than $73 million at the box office, also had guest appearances by Kanye West, Miley Cyrus and Bieber's musical mentor Usher. That same year, Bieber released an album featuring his own take on such holiday classics as "All I Want For Christmas Is," his duet with Mariah Carey.
Bieber had his biggest hit single to date in April 2012 with "Boyfriend." The song appears on his latest album Believe released in June.

Personal Life

Teen idol Justin Bieber broke the hearts of many of his young female fans in 2010 when he started dating television actress and singer Selena Gomez. It hasn't been easy for Gomez to be Bieber's girlfriend. She has been accosted by some of his devoted followers. There were even death threats against her posted on Twitter after the pair was photographed kissing while on vacation in 2011.

Justin Bieber Has FINALLY Blown It With Selena Gomez! Find Out Why She'll Never Take Him Back HERE!

selena justin split
With every on-again/off-again relationship, there comes a point where one party just finally says enough is enough and calls it off for good!
And we're very sorry to report, folks, that in the never-ending saga of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the former Disney starlet has FINALLY become the person to do just that!
We had a feeling things were heading in this direction when we caught wind that she was complaining about his non-stop texting during an after-Grammys party, but apparently, the real reason Selenita is officially dunzo is because of those pesky Rihanna affair rumors!
But it's not that simple! Let us explain!
While she doesn't really care whether they actually hooked up or not, what bothers Selena is that she's finally come to realize that she simply CANNOT trust the Baby crooner to be faithful for her!
As an insider confirmed:
"I think Justin was hoping there would be room for a reconciliation, but there claims seem to have blown any chance of that. This situation must have made Selena feel she can't trust him. The rest of the world might think it's ludicrous that Rihanna would've hooked up with Justin, but if Selena can't be sure, how can she get back with him?"
And we think that's certainly reason enough to call this one quits before there is any more heartbreak, fights over the same thing, and endless frustration and uncertainty!
Such a shame, though!
Getting out of this kind of cyclically contentious relationship is just so difficult and painful!
It seems impossible to get over now, gurl, but eventually you'll get there!
Just stick with your friends and stay strong! You're in our thoughts!
What do U think? Are Selena and Justin done for good this time?!

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